Prometal designs and builds all the tools in house by using advanced CNC technology supported by thermal & flow analysis and  Unigraphics simulations. Simulation of tools such as filling time and entrapped air is prepared during tool manufacturing.

The design department consist of 3  design stations,  communicates with customers by data transmissions interfaces DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP and Parasolid during proposal and design stages.

All tools are subject to ultrasonic cleaning after a certain number of shots indicated on control plans to eliminate the risk of any distortions and non-conformities on parts as a good practice for preventive maintenance.

Tools and tool shots are followed through the ERP system where is defined to periodic levels of maintainance according to the number of shots.

Life time of zinc die cast tools is up to 1.000.000 shots and life of aluminium die cast tools is up to 100.000 shots.